How To Approach Las Vegas Call Girls

Many men claim to be players, but when it comes down to it, most guys are intimidated when it comes to approaching a beautiful woman, or an attractive working girl (or call girl, if you will). Especially in Las Vegas — a fast-paced city full of high-rollers and smooth talking guys.

I’m going to show you ways to approach lots of beautiful women (whether they be escorts and simply ladies in a strip club or night club) that will amaze you and make your friends wonder how you do it! It’s all about focus and planning what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.

In order to be attractive to women, in Sin City or anywhere else, you must sell yourself to them. Now, I don’t mean that you have to change the person you are or put on a show for her. What I mean is that you have to be positive and honest, and, most important of all, you have to make her feel good when she is with you.

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Positive people produce positive reactions. It’s a bit of a cliche, but I really think it’s true. These are attributes that Las Vegas call girls find really appealing in a man, so I think it’s important that you focus on that.

To be successful, you do have to be different than other guys in the way that you handle women, and with my help I will show you how to be different and stand out from the crowd. I want you to be the most positive and honest guy in the room. By focusing on those key attributes, you will find that women are drawn to you.

When you approach an escort, you make or break yourself within the first sixty seconds. First impressions matter, so this first minute is the all-important time frame in which you capture her interest or make her turn away.

The key to success is in the way you control these first few seconds. You must control things in such a way that has her undivided attention focused directly on you in a positive manner for the entire first minute. If you do this, there is no reason for her to respond negatively to you. Half the battle is won.

It’s a good idea to formulate a game plan for the first minute, and it’s something I want you to do now. This is very simple. Just think about the things that you must do in order to be appealing.

First of all, you must be positive. To be positive, you have to have self-confidence and a belief in yourself that you can achieve your goals.

Make a list of the positive things in your life. What things do you like about yourself? What things do others like in you? You have a lot to be thankful for. Your family, your friends, your life, and so many other things. Don’t forget to recognize beauty in the things you see every day.

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Self-confidence isn’t something that you can gain over night, but if you start to think about things in a positive way, you will start to see a change in yourself and in the way that you treat other people. If you want to boost your confidence, contact the Vegas Fantasy Babes escort service and start setting up dates. At least this way you know that if you’re paying for sex, there’s certainly no way you’re going to get rejected!

If there is one thing that call girls want in a guy, it’s the ability to make her laugh and feel good about the world. If you can make an escort laugh in the first minute after you meet her, especially if we’re talking a seasoned Vegas pro, you are well on your way. Humor breaks the ice and opens you up to her. If you do it right, she will feel comfortable talking to you. Laughter reduces the levels of stress hormones, making it easier for the two of you to feel comfortable with one another.

The third thing that I want to mention is honesty. You must be honest in your approach, because you want her to trust you. If you aren’t honest, chances are she will pick up on it and you will ruin any chance of going any further with her.

You need to think about how you can use some or all of these things in your approach and how you will keep her attention on you for the first minute. One great approach is asking her for help. This is a really good method, as most women love to help. And, since there are so many tourists in Las Vegas, it will seem quite natural that someone would be asking for assistance. You could ask for help with directions for clothes shopping, gift shopping, or directions to somewhere interesting like an attraction or a museum or art gallery. Or simply ask a question, like, “Do you know the name of this band?”

Once you are talking to a girl and you have gotten past the first 60 seconds, it is easy to find yourself scraping the barrel for things to say. You may feel yourself start to panic, but don’t!

Instead, ask the escort a question! Women love to talk, so getting her talking is the best way of starting a conversation. This way, you don’t have to talk so much, and she will feel good because you are taking an interest in what she has to say. Ask her about what she does for a living, or what her favorite bands are, or which club she thinks is the best in town.

All you have to do is ask. And it’s really that simple!

You can talk about just about anything from what school she attended to what her friends and family are like. Most girls really respond to a guy who will listen to them with a sympathetic and caring ear. Make sure to put your two cents in, though. Tell her a funny story about something that happened to you. The idea is to change the subject back to her the moment you sense her interest dropping.

As a favor to the woman you approach, it also pays to stay away from talking about any of your past girlfriends, exploits with hookers or prostitutes, or generalizing about “all women.” Also, don’t ever bring up anything gross like the sore on your foot that is keeping you from dancing or your recent intestinal difficulties. Focus on the positives, and you will both enjoy yourselves.