Giving The Gift of Friendship To A Boston Escort

The following secret I am about to share with you will have many recurring benefits on your future interactions with women.

It’ll not only increase your chances of getting a woman’s phone number; but women in general will like and trust you more. They will also be more attracted to you.
So what is this amazing gift? The best gift you can possibly give a woman is the gift of unconditional friendship.

What? Friendship! Is that all? Yes, and let me explain why.

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Beautiful women are approached by guys who are nice to them all the time. However once they give the guy the message that they aren’t interested in them sexually, most men aren’t at all interested in being friends. Often they just go, “Oh well!” and never want to talk to them again. They’ll typically head off to be with a woman who they know for sure they’ll be able to have sex with, such as an escort or prostitute.

First of all, by not seeming interested in anything other than friendship, you are less threatening, and you illustrate that you are different from most other guys. In fact, it shows that you know a thing or two about women. And that makes women curious in itself. They also don’t know whether they can get you or not. You aren’t making yourself easy to get — if they do decide they like you, you have now become a challenge. And women love that.

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I’m not guaranteeing you that this will get you the woman that you are going after. But it is the best thing you can give a woman and will give you the best possible chance with them. Just think, you’ll be able to be with a woman, whereas before the closest you got to a hot woman was buy purchasing her dirty, worn panties online from the Perfect Panty Pantry.

There are not many men out there who want to spend their time meeting and talking to a woman just to become her friend. What usually happens is when men see a beautiful woman and approach her, they are only interested in one thing. Women can see right through this. It gives women the impression that what you want is someone who is cheap and easy.

If you take the time to have a conversation with a woman and get to know her, this makes her feel special and makes you look good.

One of my female friends, Bridget, who happens to be a New York masseuse, gets approached by guys all the time. What she finds attractive in a guy is one that genuinely wants to have a conversation with her, without making any moves. She works out of the All American Nuru massage parlor in New York City, so her main interaction with men is in getting stripped naked, rubbed up with sensual oils, and giving them a full body massage. Not really the kind of situation that results in many long-term, platonic friendships!

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Bridget is very attractive, so she gets approached all the time. But what she finds is that guys don’t listen to what she is saying. Some aren’t even making eye contact, though as a masseuse they are making other forms of contact! And that’s a problem. Guys seldom approach a woman with the intention of just having a nice conversation and getting to know them as a friend. If it doesn’t involve a massage or sex, or both, they feel it’s a waste of time hanging around.

Much of the time, men get so carried away with the idea of seduction that they completely forget about being a friend and getting to know the women they are talking to. Women want their men to take an interest in their lives, their friends, families, their day at work, and their hopes and dreams. They also want to get to know the man they are seeing. And it’s a reciprocal thing. They also want to know about you. This is why many relationships don’t work out. If you become her friend first and take the time to really get to know her and her life, the relationship can only get more intimate from there.

In fact, the guys that are the most successful with women are the ones that enjoy the friendship and company of women. It’s when you open up to a woman and allow her to open up to you that you are being the most intimate with her. It lets her know that she is important to you and that you value her.

You also have the opportunity to discover the things you both like doing and things you have in common. Most importantly it gives you both something to talk about. Friendship builds the base for a loving and caring relationship. When you meet a woman that appeals to you, become her friend. I promise you won’t regret it.

Now that you know what women truly want, I’m going to give you some tools to really get the sparks flying. You are going to give the next girl you meet the friendship that she wants, but you are also going to learn to give her something else that is very important.

Romance seems to be a lost art these days, but if you find a woman that doesn’t secretly want and wait in hope for a romantic guy to come into her life, I would be very surprised. A romantic guy is something that women dream about, but rarely ever meet. Romance isn’t dead. It’s just that most men are too lazy to make the effort and woo a woman.

You are going to be that romantic guy, because it is different and because it is romantic. Next time you go out on a date, try some of these ideas.

Compliment her on something specific and non-sexual, like the way she laughs, or her smile, or the way she treats other people. Women love to receive compliments. If you love the way she tosses her hair, why not say so? A compliment can be the greatest gift.

Spontaneously give her small gifts. This is a real winner, but it only works if the gifts are inexpensive and chosen with her in mind. Expensive gifts will make her feel like you’re buying her, while generic or inappropriate gifts will bore her. If she likes chocolate, bring her a small box of nice chocolates. If she likes wine, bring her a bottle of wine. If she’s dealing with a lot of stress, give her a gift certificate for a massage.

Also, after your first date, have some nice flowers sent to her work or home address. Her female co-workers will have already heard about you, and when the flowers arrive everyone will be envious, and she will love it. Go for a walk in the park. Parks are very romantic places, as well as good places to talk about your day.

The first time you kiss her, make it very special. Instead of kissing her outside her house, try some other place. Just stop her and say, “This might be a strange place to kiss you, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m so glad that you have come into my life.” I promise you it is something she will never forget.

Being romantic can be as easy as opening a door for her. Even if she tells you that she doesn’t believe in all the old romance stuff, she will still be flattered by it. Women want to be treated as equals in so many facets of life, but secretly they are still very flattered at being treated like a lady every once in a while. I haven’t met a girl yet that doesn’t secretly want a little romance!

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