Discover the Art Of Flirting

Flirting is usually a skill that some people are naturally proficient at while others have to exercise and work at it so as to perfect the skill. With this art of flirting, one needs to overcome the fear that makes the assumption that strangers usually are dangerous; in fact, it is said that the beauty of flirting is within the anonymity of the random person one chooses to flirt with especially when they are strangers.

For people with a hard time approaching others, and lack the confidence to take action need practice which can be done by approaching random strangers and learning how you can initiate a conversation. With this method, one has nothing to lose whenever they make a fool out of themselves since they probably will never meet these people again which can only build their confidence before they meet the right person.

art of flirting

Basically, the more one practices this art, the more they will get comfortable in performing it. One will learn what is designed for them and how to have a blow of their ego especially when rejected. Once one has perfected doing it with strangers it is almost always time to move to semi-stranger as one gets better from it. With time, one gathers the confidence to approach the person that has been making your pulse speed way up.

Usually some people may appear intimidating and as a result, people are cautious of approaching them for concern with rejection; what most people do not know is that they are likely to also consider them but are just awaiting someone to approach them.

Flirting starts with the eyes, and then the mouth and a small amount of shyness and coyness especially for females. This is different for males and females as women are allowed to do something shy while men in contrast are expected to be comfortable. Over time, this art has evolved as men are not the only ones who do the approaching as women are now approaching men and even getting their numbers.

There is no definite place that is certainly appropriate for flirting although the clubs are considered, and therefore, people should at least be capable of read signals and take suggestions. For example, when one blinks, smiles or act coy it must be evident that they are hinting you to approach them. Even so, an excessive amount of it can be creepy and off-putting as the lady doing it may seem desperate. See this The Guardian article for more.

Flirting is a process that hints one step for the other; it starts with hints from the eyes, goes to a smile and body language which shows it is the right time to approach. The ability to ignite a conversation is indispensable and you need to keep the conversation flowing to avoid the awkwardness especially if its a stranger. With time, one should initiate some coziness to break the touch barrier, but make sure it is not offensive.

For a successful flirting moment, there are certain rules that come in handy making it useful and fun. For people who want to help secure a second date you have to be careful and ensure that that you leave while the date is going well. This way, one leaves a suspense that lets your date want to meet again and finish what was started.